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A fireplace is one of the most elegant and beautiful decoration for any room in your residence. It might turn a “regular” room to a “wow” room. Fireplaces are small decorative areas of your home that really add personality and create a distinctive look. Whether you’re looking for a complete room remodeling, a fireplace remodeling or installing a new fireplace, we can help you out.

At  Prestige Tile and Remodeling we have talented staff specialized in fireplace remodeling that can transform any outdated living room in the perfect living room.

You have the idea and we have the materials to make your design a reality. We want to ensure that you enjoy the final design and building process as much as the finished project.

Fireplace Remodeling Ideas

When remodeling your fireplace, always as your contractor their input, in that way they will help you build the design you have in mind. Here are some things you can consider when remodeling a fireplace:

Gas or Wood? Always consider the pros and cons of having a Gas or Wood Fireplace. Gas fireplaces may be more expensive but are cleaner and safer. Wood fireplaces offers an ambience difficult to beat and wood is in general cheaper.

Fireplace Size. Compared to the room that the fireplace will be installed, you need to check with your contractor what size is recommended to fit your room.

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