Patio Remodeling Consultation in Spokane, WA

Transform your patio into a comfortable and inviting living space. Patios are a nice addition to your home, if you are a barbecue lover, a patio remodeling might be the change you’re looking for. At Prestige Tile and Remodeling we provide you with the best solutions and products for your very own patio project.

Your new patio will be specially designed to match the style of your home, your family’s creature comforts, and your patio needs. With a wide stock of materials available right now, our talented designers can help you can make your outdoor spaces as beautiful and inviting as your wildest dreams.

When Remodeling your Patio, consider the following:

  • Choose lasting materials like pavement
  • Always consult an expert
  • Consider adding a fireplace and fire pits
  • Always leave space for patio plants
  • And don’t forget about repairs and maintenance

Where Should Your Patio Be Located?

  • Backyard: If you enjoy relaxing under the sun in your backyard, then make sure you put your patio where it will have a southern or western exposure but also provide shade with an umbrella, for example.
  • Front Yard: If your town building code allows it, a front yard patio located near a walkway to the front door, can act as a welcoming space for friends and especially neighbors who like to stop by for a chat since it’s a less intimate more public space than a backyard patio.
  • Courtyard: This is an opportunity to maximize beautiful Spanish or Mediterranean architecture, a courtyard is surrounded on three (or four) sides by the house.

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