Shower Pan Remodeling and Installation in Spokane

A shower pan is an excellent choice when upgrading your bathroom. If your current shower a good base but your floor is outdated, has a loose tile and grout or is visually unappealing, then Prestige Tile and Remodeling can create a custom shower pan just for your bathroom.

As a homeowner you can increase the value of your home by building a personalized shower pan. Add an unique look to the shower base of your bathroom floor. At Prestige Tile and Remodeling we can install your personalized shower pan.

When building a shower pan you will need the opinion of an expert in bathroom remodeling and floor installation. We can help you build a custom shower pan no matter the shape or size.

Once you start using shower pans you will start enjoying the following benefits:

  • Durable and easy to keep and maintain
  • Low maintenance
  • Custom and solid surface bases
  • Waterproof

Learn more about having a shower pan installed in your bathroom, call us today at 509-953-9154 and request your free estimate to begin working in your new bathroom remodeling. We are a local company located in Spokane, WA with more than 10 years of experience.

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